Fools Belong Like from the Vixen – Smutty 1950s lesbian multi-chapter

Fools Belong Like from the Vixen – Smutty 1950s lesbian multi-chapter

Folks Boats Trixya by Mac computer – Angsty cannon agreeable oneshot. “Trixie implies that she and Katya big date, and you can Katya brings their particular all reasons it should not.” ??

Realize In which you Direct of the Connyhascontrol – Lesbian Au sluggish burn off multichapter (fluff, smut) determined because of the Gilmore Girls. “Merely outstanding fic. Quality enjoyable minutes and pining. What exactly is never to like? Nearly completed (and you will I’m not okay inside it).” ??

I seemed toward so it upgrading each time

“Fools Fall in Love superstars Trixie Mattel a tiny urban area hottie having big-time aspirations. Whenever she ratings a gig on Fruit, she knows this lady has they produced. Until she matches Katya Zamolodchikova, the new joint’s match-wear, smoking star. Katya is not a fan of this new dolly, along with her plush throat and you may sultry voice, muscling inside on her behalf concert. Trixie is not thus keen on Katya by herself, indeed she dislikes their! Or does she?”

Fools to the Procession by the Tiffany – Multichapter cishet Au. “Therefore superbly composed, partial but still really worth studying due to the fact Artsy Katya matches Normal Boy Brian simply charming.”

For the Sincere Business to feel because of the Challenge – Cannon certified angsty multichapter. Includes smut. “In all honesty one of the better fics we have had towards aq. It is so wonderfully created, cannon agreeable, the fresh characterisation is found on part. Everything about which fic is the best.” ??

Forever Is made from Nows by Beanierose – Stunning angsty dos-region soulmate bien au “where you have the reverse feeling so you can regardless of the other individual try impact.” ??

Amicable Fire from the Vrginsacrifice – Multichapter Yards/M Bien au. “Good neo-noir outlaw Bien au place in the newest “Huge Theft Vehicle” world, where Trixie and you can Katya are two get across-dressing up criminals off-on-their-luck and you can struggling to sit together.” ??

Wade Query Alice When The woman is ten Ft High by Vixen – Raunchy lesbian Au oneshot. “Woodstock Au, having LSD, trippy while the bang smut.” ? Indonesia brud?

All the best Charlie because of the Silverock – Raunchy, fluffy lesbian sizzling hot mother/babysitter bien au – complete multichapter. “Maybe my favorite trope, it is done this banging well and i like each of new characters. ” ??

Moved This evening by the Pichitinha – Angsty cannon compliant oneshot. “I enjoy it ‘canon’ fic. It’s angsty, it’s hopeful, it’s stunning.” ??

Heaven Are A place On earth because of the Yorkie – Fluffy, angsty Lesbian Au – eighties Sci-fi multichapter driven from the Black Mirror episdoe “San Junipero.” ??

Good morning? by the Chantiemaya – Raunchy lesbian slow burn multichapter. “Katya try a near middle aged, single, forever by yourself lesbian in the a Boston suburb. Her the latest neighbor is Trixie, thirty-two, partnered and mother of five. They meet by accident, and Katya was instantaneously infatuated along with her beautiful neighbor. Do Katya keeps an opportunity to befriend the wonderful angel dressed when you look at the green?” ??

A trending Tangle by the Doctor Bitchcraftt – Canon compliant oneshot. “A story regarding *that night* during the Boston from inside the 2016 whenever Katya attempted to take action toward Trixie. Include a mature dialogue regarding the dating, silliness typical of their friendship, an effective cameo from the Bianca Del Rio, and you can Skip Courtney Act into a couch, including, four ft away.” ??

I’d to pay attention Just to Look for You because of the Vixen – Lesbian Bien au oneshot. “Broadly according to research by the film Consider Me & Your.” ??

Hi, I’m The Psychologically Repressed Girl Which Went Away from Their unique Hidden Homosexual Thinking to have Ten years, Trixie Mattel!

And i Discover All of you Once more by the M.elizabeth Me personally and that i – Angsty cannon agreeable oneshot. “An angst riddled fic considering Trixie’s present results out-of their incredible tune!” ??

I will not Sleep of the Stella – Fluffy oneshot. “This is exactly a primary little material oriented away from UNHHH Real time in the Beaux in which Trixie tells the story out of whenever Katya along with her were sharing a sleep and you can Katya said she won’t visit sleep up until it made out.” ??

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